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The Company manufactures and sells a wide variety of wire and cable products primarily in four general categories: telecommunications cable, power transmission cable, electronic cable and enameled wire. The Company's telecommunications and power cables are used in a range of infrastructure projects and in commercial and residential developments. The Company's electronic cables are used in the electronics, computer, building automation, audio and communication industries. The Company's enameled wire is used in the manufacturing of components and sub-components of household appliances and small machinery. In addition, the Company acts as the Singapore distributor of copper rod and wire and cable products manufactured by PEWC. In 1997, the Company also began offering SDI project engineering services of medium and high voltage cable for power transmission projects in Singapore.


Copper and fiber optic telecommunications cable manufactured by the Company is largely used as access lines to connect buildings and residences to feeder and trunk cables. Power cable manufactured by the Company is used primarily in power transmissions for public lighting, outdoor installations and in and to commercial and residential buildings. Electronic cable is sold to government bodies, large construction companies, subcontractors, system integrators and electronic equipment manufacturers. Enameled wire is sold primarily to private sector manufacturers of electric motors for use in various consumer appliances. The Company mainTains local sales personnel in each country where it has manufacturing operations, and export sales are conducted through independent suppliers as well as the Company's own sales personnel.