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Aluminum Wire


Introduction of Aluminum Wire
In early stages, most electric conductors used copper as the primary component. In the early 19th century, aluminum wires were introducted for use as electric conductors in the Britain and Canada. Over time, the use of aluminum wires increased and they were introduced for use in overhead transmission conductors. Due to light weight and lower cost, the aluminum conductor is used in transmission & distribution electric circuit of the high voltage for electric tower and XLPE cable and also used in the terminal of electronic parts and enamelled wires, listed in below.


Wire gauge


Aluminum Wire

Overhead transmission &distribution lines (AAC,ACSR,ACSR/AW,ACW),XLPE cable

Electronic parts(terminal), Enamelled wire



AAC : All Aluminum Stranded Conductors
ACSR : Aluminum Conductors Steel Reinforced 
ACSR/AW : Aluminum Conductors Aluminum-clad Steel Reinforced   
ACW : Aluminum-clad Steel Conductors 
XLPE : Cross-link Polyethylene









Aluminum Rod Aluminum Wire All Aluminum Stranded Conductors(AAC)
Aluminum Conductors Steel Reinforced (ACSR) Aluminum Conductors Aluminum-clad Steel Reinforced (ACSR/AW) Aluminum-clad Steel Conductors (ACW)