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Introduction of Power Cables


The Company supplies different kinds of power cable. The main product of power cable is classified into 4 categories as follows:
1. Extra High Voltage (above 60kV) XLPE Power Cable
2. Low Voltage (600V) and Medium & High Voltage (25kV) XLPE Power Cable
3. Building Wire & Cable: PVC Insulated Wire (IV), PVC Insulated PVC Sheathed Cable (VV), XLPE Insulated PVC sheathed Cable (CV), etc ..
4. Safety Protection Product: Fire Resistant Cable, Heat Resistance Cable and Low Smoke Halogen Free Cable
Milestones of Development for Power Cable:

1967:Commenced Manufacturing XLPE cable.

1977:Certified by TPC for 25kV XLPE cable as qualified supplier.
1982:Certified by PUB (SPPA) for 22kV XLPE cable as qualified supplier.
1985:Commenced R&D in low smoke free halogen cable for Taipei Metro System.
1986:Certified by TPC for 69kV XLPE power cable.
1986:Established technical collaboration with Sumitomo Corporation.
1988:Certified by UL for XLPE cable with voltage below 35kV (MV-90).
1989: Established SUPACON construction company for local and overseas full turn-key construction project.
1993:Certified by SGS for low smoke free halogen cable.
1993:Certified by TPC for 161kV XLPE cable (short distance) as qualified supplier.
1997:Certified by PG (SPPA) & SGS for 66kV XLPE cable as qualified supplier.
1998:Certified by TPC for 161kV XLPE water-blocking cable (for transmission line)as qualified supplier.
1999:Certified by PG (SPPA) & SGS for 66kV XLPE water-blocking cable as qualified supplier.
2001:Certified by Japan TEPCO for 22kV XLPE cables.
2003:Certified by TPC for 25KV anti-termite cables.
2005:Certified by Kaohsiung Rapid Transit Corporation for Low Voltage Cable in Distribution System.
2006: Certified by Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation (Xinzhuang-Luzhou Line) for 22kV XLPE Insulated Low Smoke Free Halogen Cable.
2006:Exported 66kV XLPE cable to South Korea for Korea Railroad Corporation.
2007:Certified by Dubai Metro System & SGS for 33kV XLPE insulated Low Smoke Free Halogen Cable.

The Company will continue to operate based on the principle of Honest faithfulness with conscientious and careful attitude to innovate and research for providing excellent quality and service to our consumers.