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Calibration & Testing Services


The items of services for Calibration laboratory

Fixed resistor, Fixed capacitor, Ohmmeter, Decimal type resistance box, Decimal type inductance box, Inductance meter , Decimal type capacitance box, Standard Inductor, High Resistance meter, Impedance analyzer, Capacitance meter, Resistance bridge, Digital multimeter, AC/DC ampere meter, AC/DC volt meter, AC/DC voltage calibrator, AC/DC volt-ampere meter, AC/DC voltage/current calibrator, Voltage/Current transconductance, amplifier/Current shunt, Micro-current source, Micro-current meter.


Gauge Blocks, Long-Size Gauge Block, Outside diameter micrometer, Dial gauge, Dial Indicator, Vernier Caliper, Caliper Calibrator, Height Gauge.


Dead Weight, Balance, Electronic Weighing Machine.